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TINT EYEBROWS           $20 AND UP

Depending on your skin type, all of our facials include cleansing, exfoliation, toning, steam, light extraction and a petite body massage. Your customized facial may also feature a mineral mud mask used to stimulate collagen production, while simultaneously shrinking enlarged pores and tightening the skin.

*Treat yourself to a 90-minute facial which will also include a pre-treatment relaxing foot soak!

24-Karat Indulgence

60 Minutes: $115        90 Minutes: $155

Ideal for those who want to pamper themselves with all the benefits of advanced skin care treatments resulting in firming, tightening, clearing and brightening of your skin.

This facial features products containing actual 24k gold. Gold helps to prevent skin from sagging by preventing the collapse of elastin and collagen, both of which maintain skin firmness. Gold also stimulates the cell growth in the deepest layer of skin, the stratum basal – creating a skin lift to help your skin look healthy and new. 

Gold removes heavy metals and many other pollutants that cause the aging of the skin by drawing out impurities in the pores.

Gold is delivered to the deepest layer with active ingredients that nourish skin, reduce inflammation and stimulate natural moisturizing properties.

Gold helps diminish the damage caused by UV rays. When absorbed into the basal layer where the melanin cells are activated, gold inhibits their activity and prevents the hyper-pigmentation, or darkening of the skin, resulting in a brighter skin appearance.

Raised Right

60 Minutes: $105         90 Minutes: $135

Ideal for those seeking a facial focused on lifting and firming.

Your facial will feature products containing ginsenosides which assist in the renewal process of skin cells, softening the skin with increased micro-circulation. The hyaluronic acid fills in the lines, smoothing and emulsifying the skin.  This facial also includes black currant: a strong anti-oxidant. It protects the cells from free radicals and brightens the skin.  You will have a youthful vibrant glow.

The Oasis

60 Minutes: $105         90 Minutes: $135

For our customers with skin that calls out for rehydration and rejuvenation.

Hydrating and plumping, this is a powerful facial treatment that provides optimal penetration of active ingredients to ensure extra moisture reaches all the way down through the layers of skin. The featured products stimulate formation of the epidermal protective layer to avoid further dryness.

A Gentle Touch

60 Minutes: $105         90 Minutes: $135

The facial chosen by our customers with sensitive skin or problem areas.

Rich in vitamins to protect your skin with a layer of moisture, this facial will also relieve skin inflammation such as coupe rose and rosacea. The products contain natural ingredients such as French lavender, oatmeal and rosemary. These increase circulation to help soothe and calm sensitive problem skin types.

Each of our custom facials are designed to leave your skin looking and feeling cleaner, healthier and softer!

*Skin care services for men are also available.

*All services are provided by licensed estheticians

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